Std. Cell/ Layout Engineers


Std. Cell/ Layout Engineers


Bengaluru/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Noida


3+ years of relevant experience

Job Description

  • Standard Cell Library Development: Design and optimize standard cell libraries containing logic gates (e.g., AND, OR, NAND, NOR, Flip-Flops) with various drive strengths and functionality options.
  • Cell Characterization: Characterize standard cells by performing static timing analysis (STA) to measure delay, power consumption, and other performance metrics under different process corners and operating conditions.
  • Custom Cell Design: Create custom cells or specialized standard cells when needed for unique design requirements.
  • Standard Cell Layout Design: Generate physical layouts for standard cells using layout design tools (e.g., Cadence Virtuoso, Synopsys IC Compiler).
  • DRC and LVS Verification: Run design rule checking (DRC) and layout versus schematic (LVS) verification to ensure that the standard cell layouts adhere to manufacturing design rules and match their schematics.
  • Library Characterization: Characterize and validate the standard cell library for various technology nodes, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Low-Power Design: Implement low-power standard cells with features like power gating and voltage scaling to optimize power consumption.
  • Advanced Process Nodes: Address challenges specific to advanced process nodes, such as FinFET and multi-patterning, when designing and optimizing standard cells.
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM): Collaborate with manufacturing teams to ensure that standard cell layouts are manufacturable, considering lithography, process variation, and yield.
  • Library Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of standard cell libraries, including timing models, power models, and layout guidelines.
  • Library Integration: Work with digital design teams to integrate standard cell libraries into the overall chip design.

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