Physical Verification Engineers


Physical Verification Engineers


Bengaluru/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Noida


4+ Years

Job Description

  • Design Rule Checking (DRC): Run DRC checks using industry-standard tools to identify violations of manufacturing design rules. Collaborate with layout designers to resolve DRC issues.
  • Layout vs. Schematic (LVS) Verification: Perform LVS checks to ensure that the physical layout accurately matches the schematic and that there are no electrical connectivity discrepancies.
  • Electrical Rule Checking (ERC): Verify that the layout adheres to electrical constraints and requirements, such as voltage and current limitations, ensuring that the IC functions as intended.
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM): Collaborate with design and manufacturing teams to optimize the layout for the semiconductor fabrication process. Address lithography and process variation concerns.
  • Process Technology Calibration: Calibrate layout extraction tools and parameters to match the specific process technology used for fabrication.
  • Resolution Enhancement Techniques (RET): Implement RET techniques to improve the printability of layout patterns during the photolithography process.
  • Fill Insertion: Insert fill cells into the layout to improve planarity and reduce manufacturing-related issues, such as wafer warping and stress.
  • Multi-Patterning and Advanced Nodes: Deal with challenges specific to advanced process nodes, including multi-patterning, coloring, and metal stack variations.
  • Hotspot Analysis: Identify and address potential hotspot areas that may lead to manufacturing defects or yield issues.
  • Post-Processing Simulation: Perform post-processing simulations to verify that the layout is compatible with the manufacturing process and does not introduce unwanted parasitics.
  • Process Integration Checks: Collaborate with process integration teams to ensure the smooth integration of the design with the semiconductor fabrication process.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of verification processes, methodologies, and results.

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