Lead Physical Design Engineers


Lead Physical Design Engineers


USA/ Austin/ Texas



Job Description

  • Analyze the design and divide into small blocks.
  • Split the circuit such that the number of connections between partitions is minimized.
  • Based on the design analysis identifying appropriate place for different blocks within the chip area.
  • Allocating places for external Hard IPs.
  • Placing and optimizing the various small blocks identified during partitioning process:
  • Pre-placement optimization
  • Post Placement Optimization (PPO) before clock tree synthesis (CTS)
  • Routing the various clock signals within the design so that the clock skews are optimized:
  • Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS)
  • PPO after CTS
  • Perform the STA, across the complete design to ensure that all the timing checks are clean:
  • Constraint Generation
  • Budgeting
  • Timing Sign off, IR/EM Analysis
  • Xtalk, Noise
  • Signal integrity
  • Perform Physical Verification against various critical parameters & criteria:
  • Layout Vs Schematic Checks (LVS)
  • Design Rule Checks (DRC)
  • Electrical Rule Checks (ERC)
  • EEC & ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Check)
  • Antenna Checks
  • OPC, CMP, Yield etc

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