Physical Design Engineer


Physical Design Engineer


Bengaluru/ Pune/ Hyderabad/ Noida



Job Description

  • Physical Design Planning:Collaborate with chip architects and logic designers to understand the design goals, constraints, and specifications. Develop a physical design plan that outlines the steps and resources needed for successful implementation.
  • Floorplanning: Create a floorplan that defines the placement of different functional blocks and components on the semiconductor die to optimize power, performance, and area (PPA).
  • Placement: Place and optimize logic cells, memory elements, and other IP blocks on the chip according to the floorplan. Balance trade-offs between area, timing, and power consumption.
  • Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS): Design and implement clock distribution networks to ensure synchronized clock signals throughout the chip, minimizing clock skew and jitter.
  • Routing: Perform global and detailed routing to connect all the components on the chip while adhering to design rules and manufacturability constraints.
  • Timing Closure: Use static timing analysis tools to meet timing requirements and ensure the chip operates at the desired clock frequency.
  • Power Optimization: Implement low-power design techniques, such as power gating, voltage scaling, and clock gating, to reduce power consumption while maintaining performance
  • Physical Verification: Run design rule checking (DRC) and layout versus schematic (LVS) checks to ensure the layout meets manufacturing and electrical integrity standards.
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM): Collaborate with manufacturing teams to optimize the design for the fabrication process, considering issues like lithography, yield, and process variations.
  • Tape-out: Prepare the final design for fabrication by generating the required files and documentation. Coordinate with foundries for tape-out.
  • Post-Silicon Validation Support: Assist in post-silicon bring-up and debugging, if necessary, to ensure the chip performs as expected.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of the design process, methodologies, and any issues encountered for future reference.

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